Artist statement/Bio

I spend a lot of time teaching the academics of drawing and design so I enjoy working intuitively when I take pictures, paint, draw and throw clay into bowls.  My vocation requires me to wear a lot of hats and consequently I enjoy many approaches to art making and various kinds of media. Certain images will come to me and I will pursue making them appear on paper or canvas. Sometimes mistakes lead to interesting results that make me want to be more experimental.  I find a feeling or awareness, a scene or a moment in my world and attempt to capture it with media, whether the camera or paint, then manipulate the image digitally or run it through the process of etching. I’ve been trying to embrace the passage of time as a concept in the selection of my images. I am attracted to story, mystery, mood, water, interconnectedness and that which cannot be put into words. Solar plate etching* is a process that I am currently interested in because I’m enjoying working with light, images, metal, paper, ink, water and the press.


Julie Stock, originally from Long Island, NY, educated at SUNY Stony Brook, NY (Art Studio and Art History and Criticism) and SF State, CA (Secondary Education Teaching Credential), is an artist/teacher living in Pacifica, California.

She works in a variety of media including ceramics, photography and painting as well as printmaking. She teaches drawing and design at a public high school in San Mateo County.


*Solarplate etching is a chemical-free fine art printmaking process. The light sensitive polymer surface on a  steel backing is exposed to UV light with a photographic or hand drawn image. After exposure, the plate is washed out with water, revealing an etched surface on the plate. The plate can be inked as intaglio or relief, then run through the etching press, when the ink is pressed into the paper.